Our Sustainability & Ethics

Here at Truth & Goodness, we're all artists and philosophers in our twenties and thirties; we will all be alive (hopefully) to see whether humanity can tackle climate change, rampant pollution and global inequality. Being anything less than fervently sustainable and ethical in our practises is simply not an option for us. We all have a life-or-death incentive to do our part. That said, check out what we're already doing so far, what's next and where we want to end up:


What we've implemented already:

  • Print-to-Demand - we only print when there's an order; no pre-emptive waste
  • Packaging made of reused plastic where the current technology permits, we use materials that would have otherwise been sent to a landfill
  • Fabric reuse - where fabric cuttings would have been wasted, they are now remade into other garments and accessories
  • Localisation - we've worked with our manufacturer to localise production, with currently 81% of our orders fulfilled locally, reducing CO2 emissions
  • Efficient Printing - our manufacturer uses Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing, which fades more slowly and increases the lifetime of your purchase
  • Organic Cotton - our tote bags are certified 100% organic cotton while our other cotton-based products are becoming more organic by the year, such as our eco hoodies (currently 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester)

What's next:

  • Switch to fully reusable packaging as the technology becomes available
  • Fulfil all orders locally - this is coming in the next year or so as our manufacturer expands their inventory and production across all factories
  • Organic cotton only - this should be possible in the next few months as our manufacturer widens their inventory and costs stabilise
  • Biodegradable phone cases - we are actively investigating the feasibility of such a design choice, as we don't want our phone cases disintegrating before their end of use

Where we want to end up:

  • Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2025 or earlier
  • > 95% Biodegradable materials by 2030 or earlier
  • 100% Bioplastics and recycled plastic by 2027 or earlier

We have only just started Truth & Goodness; we aren't a well established fashion brand that can afford the best in everything at the cheapest and most exploitative prices. But unlike those brands, we can and do put our profits where our hearts are: the planet and the people on it. We can't yet put up a physical store but we can and do invest into finding the cutting edge of philosophical and artsy designers and giving them a stage to create something beautiful and timeless.

That's our value proposition to you; quality fashion that does good for your head, your heart and the planet, at a decent price.

We want to do this right but we're fallible humans at the end of the day. If you have any ideas for how Truth & Goodness could improve its impact in the world, please let us know. Thank you :)