Hi, I'm Freddie. I'm a history student at Durham University in the UK. I started Truth & Goodness in January 2022 as a place for me to test out my graphic designs and learn the ropes of ecommerce. I settled on the words Truth & Goodness last year when I couldn't find any simpler virtues that one should aim for in life.

With this brand, I want to sell transcendental products, which feel timeless and holistic, such as the Void. I am aiming for the intersection of MSCHF and Apple.

Truth & Goodness isn't a well established art brand that can afford the best in everything at the cheapest and most exploitative prices. But unlike those brands, we can invest into finding the cutting edge of philosophical and artsy designers and giving them a stage to create something beautiful and timeless.

That's our value proposition to you; quality art that does good for your head, your heart and the planet, at a decent price.

I want to do this right but I'm a fallible human at the end of the day. If you have any ideas for how Truth & Goodness could improve its impact in the world, please let me know. Thank you :)

If you want to better understand the vibe, check out the ongoing aesthetic collection on are.na.

I've included some of my favourite people and websites below:


Aeon.co - a prestigious yet free magazine of wonder and experience


reddit.com/r/historyporn - images and stories from years past  


Metaphorician's Substack - an introspective and considered human  


Orwell & Goode - refreshingly truthy and sublimely-on-point memes